Welcome to the ToastCraft Buycraft!

 ToastCraft has been running since March 2013. As you know, donations are needed to keep the server up and running. Besides that we invest in new things like fixing Duplications bugs, fixing claim bypasses or PvP bypasses.This is all done by developers which cost a lot of money.  For a full list of things we invest in with donation money, read the FAQ down below. In short, without donations the server will not last long.

  Donating FAQ
1. Where do I donate?
You donate at mctoastcraft.buycraft.net

2. What do I benefit for donating to the server?
If you donate to the server you will not only keep the server up and running but you will also get rewards in-game.

3. What can I buy in this shop?
You will be able to buy all sorts of things, donation packages, bundles, claim blocks and way more!

4. What do you do with the money when you paid your server bills?
We will keep the money as a back-up for month that we don't get as much donations.

5. What payment methods can be used to pay with?
We currently only accept PayPal and Paymentwall. Paymentwall is a website which translates payments from Credit Card, Paysafecard and iDeal (bank Transfer). This way we've basicly covered every single big payment method.

Would you like to see a new payment method being added? Just request it on the forums!

Thank you for your interest in donating.
I hope to see you in-game soon!


A big thank you to everyone who has donated,





Server Costs - Donation Goal

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